Inside the Box

Your Be More Box shows up at your door and contains all the tools you need to Be More + Do More + Have More + Give More. You will be taking another step along the journey to your best self.

Each Be More Box™ embraces a new theme along with specific activities that anyone can accomplish. 

Gratitude Be More Box

Take a snapshot of your life. Look at who you love, who loves you, the beauty around you, the sky above and the earth below. How often do you rush by the small things that make life possible and simply amazing? 

Gratitude is a daily practice. When we implement a daily practice of Gratitude, science has proven we're happier. Come back to the wonder, genuine thanks and appreciation for what exists in the here and now. 

Order your Gratitude Be More Box to hop the on the journey train to cultivate this life-changing sentiment toward life. To live an intentional life abundant in appreciation for everything and everyone that inspires you.

Here is a sneak peek to a few of the items in the Gratitude Be More Box. The rest of the items are a surprise!

Gratitude Necklace
Gratitude Dice